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Annual Plaque - 12 plates PAP1696

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Annual Plaque - 12 plates PAP1696

$179.95 Tax excluded

Annual Walnut Plaque with 12 Plates

Get our classic annual plaque from the Airflyte series, measuring 9" x 12". Made of genuine walnut and adorned with an elegant convex border, this plaque can accommodate up to 12 annual plates. Easily customize it using our user-friendly module and enjoy a high-definition laser engraving with a golden effect on black brass plates. After your purchase, receive a PDF demo for customization approval. Get a unique and personalized annual plaque now to showcase your achievements.

  • Material: Genuine walnut
  • Wall Mounting: Vertical insertion
  • Customization: Golden engraving on black brass
  • Option to add a logo
  • Demo for approval: Included after purchase
  • Plate capacity: Up to 12
  • Dimensions: 9" (width) x 12" (height)
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In stock

Discover our collection of genuine walnut plaques from the Airflyte series, designed to provide elegant and timeless recognition. Carefully crafted, these plaques feature a refined walnut finish that showcases the natural beauty of the wood. Each plaque is adorned with a convex border, adding a touch of sophistication and style.

Our walnut Airflyte series plaques are perfect for honoring exceptional achievements, special events, or meritorious services. They offer superior-quality support for personalized engraving, allowing you to highlight names, dates, logos, or any other meaningful text.

With our user-friendly customization process, you can create a unique plaque that reflects your needs and preferences. Our team of professionals will then perform precise and detailed engraving, ensuring a high-quality result.

Walnut Airflyte series plaques are not only durable recognition items but also stunning decorative pieces that can be proudly displayed in offices, meeting rooms, educational institutions, or any other space where recognition is valued.

Offer a memorable and meaningful gift by choosing one of our walnut Airflyte series plaques. Whether celebrating professional achievements, paying tribute to deserving individuals, or commemorating special moments, our plaques will capture the significance of the occasion and leave a lasting impression.

Customization Services: We offer customization services to make your plaque even more unique, including high-quality laser engraving for precise and detailed engraving.

Customer Satisfaction: We guarantee customization on all our products and provide a free PDF demo for approval (within 24 to 48 hours after purchase). We also offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee for cases of damaged delivery.

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    Here are some popular software programs that save vector file extensions, such as Corel Draw (.cdr), Adobe Illustrator (.ai), and Photoshop (.psd). These software programs can provide the file extensions mentioned above or create more common files such as JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg), PNG, GIF, PDF, and EPS. All vector extensions and image files mentioned above are accepted when uploading an image/logo to the "Customization Module" of Trofeo Expert.

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    To obtain customization with a color logo, practically all of our customizable cups or trophies offer this possibility. We transfer the image onto aluminum using a specially designed SG400 printer and a heat press. This customization concept is called sublimation and is frequently used on cups with a customizable base, resin trophies, insert medals, insert trophies, sublimatable wall plates, wall and desk nameplates, as well as employee badges. It is imperative to upload a high-quality image, otherwise fees may apply.

Data sheet

360 Video
Product categories
Plates capacity
12 plates
Reference Plates
2¾" x 7/8" BLACK ZX1331BK
Header Reference
6" x 3" BLACK ZX35

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