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What are the accepted logo or image formats?

We accept many types of logos or images, however it is best to upload vector images.

However, you have to differentiate between them.

The vector images or logos come from software such as: Corel Draw, Adobe Illustator, Photoshop etc ... Commonly called, source files. These source files are by far preferred to jpeg, png or other type images ... They offer the possibility of enlarging, modifying or engraving / sublimating them without loss of quality.

Here are some popular software that register extensions of vector files such as:

  • Corel Draw: .cdr
  • Adobe Illustrator: .ai
  • Photoshop: .psd

These software can both provide the extensions of the source files mentioned above or create more common files such as:

  • .jpg - .jpeg
  • .png
  • .gif
  • .pdf
  • .eps

All the vector extensions and image files mentioned above are accepted when uploading the image / logo to the Trofeo Expert "Customization module".

What should I do if I am unsure of the quality of my image or logo?

The first step is to assess what type of product you would like to have your image or logo on. In the case of laser engraving on:

  • glass trophy
  • acrylic trophy
  • crystal trophy
  • anodized aluminum
  • brass
  • wood and bamboo
  • marble

Your images or logos should NOT include a gradient as laser engravers barely perceive the difference between light and dark colors. In the case of several layered gradients, you might end up with a set of shapes of the same color.

* It is imperative to upload a good quality image. Otherwise, vectorization charges may apply.

When and how can I get a personalization with my logo in color?

Almost all of our cups or trophies which have a customizable base, offer the possibility of obtaining a logo or color image.

We perform image transfer onto aluminum using a purpose-designed SG400 printer and hot press. This concept of personalization is called sublimation. This is frequently used on:

  • cup with customizable base
  • resin trophy
  • insert medal
  • insert trophy
  • wall plaque to sublimate
  • wall and desk name holder
  • employee badge

* It is imperative to upload a good quality image. Otherwise, charges may apply.