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By LAURA C. on 10 Apr. 2024 :

Product rated : Hockey Trophy 8" H - XRN610 This was a great find within our budget while...

By Dan T. on 14 March 2024 :

Product rated : Female Hockey Trophy 7" H - XRCS5048 Product is great and is the same as the photos....

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Figure skating trophy

Reward the artistic skaters in your club with personalized resin trophies to celebrate their excellence on the ice. At Trofeo Expert, we have a selection of high-quality resin trophies for figure skating, with unique designs that reflect the grace and beauty of this sport. Each trophy can be customized with the skater's name, the name of the event, and the competition date. Our resin trophies are affordable, durable, and offer excellent value for money. Skaters will be proud to receive these personalized trophies and will keep them as a memento of their athletic achievements. Order today and let us help you create personalized and memorable figure skating trophies for your club.