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TROFEO EXPERT is a leader in e-commerce and THE reference on the web for all sports associations, schools, organizations, businesses, municipalities ... 

Although we are proud to be QUEBECOIS, TROFEO EXPERT is boundless and limitless. Currently, we serve all of North America and very soon we will enter in the European area.


The ideology of online personalization is our goal and so was our starting point for this great adventure. Uniting strengths and experience, our founders; Ms Kina Beauchemin & Sébastien Fitzmaurice form a duo that reflects the energy and dynamism of our beautiful and young company.

- Working for several years in the television world of art and entertainment Event, Kina has more than one string to his bow. Former medalist skater few times, she has over 20 years of experience in customer service. TROFEO EXPERT was the basis for her dream and the dream became a life goal.

- In sports technician experienced in web designer, Sébastien is more than versatile. With 30 years of customer service under his belt and honored for its excellence and professionalism by the prestigious Fairmont Queen Elizabeth is now for its customers TROFEO EXPERT, Sebastien continue to devote.

Sport, and web customer service, make TROFEO EXPERT the # 1 must ... One way quick, easy and safe to transact and thus recognize excellence and recognize your peers success!